Meeting #46 Summary

Meeting Agenda Everyone’s energy was moderate to high, and everyone had pretty solid weeks. Ashton bought a black 2015 Rav 4 recently, which hurts because he financed it through RBFCU, but feels good because his old car was quickly becoming a clunker. Arachelle has been learning a lot about herself as she questions why things […]

Meeting #45 Summary

Meeting Agenda: During the meeting, Bleau, Robert, and I decided it would be best to have the meetings less often, as to give me more time to prepare for each. Thank you Bleau and Robert for attending!

Meeting #41 Summary

Meeting Agenda We covered the new ledger we have, the new business bank accounts opened for FoR, and that the intro should only be a week out from being complete. Ashton talked about the importance of relationships in life, Robert talked about how he and Bleau have the same personality type, and I talked about […]

Kardon Park Cleanup/Kickball Summary

The cleaning went well, with 19 bags of trash being collected! We split into two groups of two to cover more ground, although we didn’t collect everything. Perhaps we will return one day. Robert and Arachelle found some sort of Little Tikes easel for the kids to use, and a toy car for Seth. We […]

Meeting #40 Summary

Meeting Agenda This meeting all we did was pick up logs and work out. Darren and Robert came, and when Robert took his shirt off in response to the water station, I took mine off as well. It just went from there and we discussed plans to turn the logs into caber toss logs, even […]

Meeting #39 Summary

Meeting Agenda Bleau voiced how he wants for us to research the impact of AI. He feels that it is the most impactful and important thing developing, and that we should get ahead of it. Robert mentioned that there is a fishing activity that he knows of in April, and that he would like to […]

Meeting #38 Summary

Meeting Agenda Patti opened up about how her being sick for the week has hindered her ability to watch the kids, and how she interpreted that as meaning she’s a bad mom. Robert and Darren began talking about modern American industrialization. There was disagreement on this. The owner for this agenda point was never found. […]

Meeting #37 Summary

Meeting Agenda Here, Arachelle described learning to crop images in Canva for her job as a leasing agent, although we rushed through this point in order to discuss a gnawing issue . . . For a while, care of my and Patti’s children has been an issue as there’s no one to watch them and […]

Meeting #36 Summary

Meeting Agenda Jared began his speech by asking everyone in the group what their opinion on money was. Concepts ranged from something you always need/spending it whenever you have it to being an archaic system. Jared discussed debt, leveraging assets, and how to be smart with money. This was a very exciting point for everyone, […]

Meeting #35 Summary

Meeting Agenda This week we discussed the idea of starting a group library and preparing for a camping trip. Jared would like for us to do boy scout activities on the trip, such as rope bridge creation, foraging, and knot tying as a means of emergency preparedness. The most significant part of the meeting was […]