We covered the new ledger we have, the new business bank accounts opened for FoR, and that the intro should only be a week out from being complete.

Ashton talked about the importance of relationships in life, Robert talked about how he and Bleau have the same personality type, and I talked about how inter-generational trauma transmission seems to be information transmission about the conditions of a perceptually harsh external world, mimicking healthy behavioral transmission.

Ashton gave me very useful advice about how to select a play for our theater performance we wish to perform, and provided very useful information on marketing and pricing. We plan to coordinate closely in the production of this play.

Mostly we talked about Bleau seeming to not want to come anymore. This is where Robert’s personality type thing came into play.

Ashton suggested we have a registry of availability to see when people can/will attend, I suggested that we have a board for events members have going on that is not an official FoR event. Robert and I continued talking, as Ashton had to leave early, and I don’t think we got his likes and dislikes, although he liked the board idea as well.

Thank you everyone who attended!

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