Everyone’s energy was moderate to high, and everyone had pretty solid weeks. Ashton bought a black 2015 Rav 4 recently, which hurts because he financed it through RBFCU, but feels good because his old car was quickly becoming a clunker.

Arachelle has been learning a lot about herself as she questions why things in her life keep happening. Although that is all she is willing to disclose right now.
From attending an event where he met other professional photographers/videographers, Ashton learned he needs to commit more to photography and videography if he wants to become good enough at it to do it professionally.

Ashton and Bleau got into an argument about fasting. I moved us to outside to exercise since this is supposed to be a place of peace and comradery.

We stretched our necks and backs, but that was as far as we got before time ran out. Next time we will work on strengthening select back muscles that help with proper posture, which is important for preventing injury.

That’s all for now. Thank you everyone who attended!

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