The cleaning went well, with 19 bags of trash being collected! We split into two groups of two to cover more ground, although we didn’t collect everything. Perhaps we will return one day.
Robert and Arachelle found some sort of Little Tikes easel for the kids to use, and a toy car for Seth. We will just have to hose them down

Afterwards, we sat around, ate and talked for about an hour and a half. Robert brought some surprise baguettes, and Patti brought some surprise chicken drumsticks! It was delicious. Liam and Euan also came to play kickball with her.

Although we did have enough people to play a 3-4 game of kickball, Sethy wanted to play in the playground, so we ended up only having 6 people playing at a given time. Everyone played as single person teams. Next time at the San Juan Brady Center we should have enough people.

Thank you everyone who attended!

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