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3:00 PM: Foundation of Righteousness Meeting #47

June 2, 2024

Every week we meet up to discuss our lives, righteousness, and to learn from each other. Food, water, and seating are provided while we sit outside and foster growth in our children by engaging with arts & crafts, sensory stations, and other toys/facilities meant to help them develop and understand themselves and the world around them.

This week's agenda is:
3:00 P.M.-3:15 P.M.
• Open discussion/group member focus
3:15 P.M.-3:40 P.M.
• Exercise
3:40 P.M.-4:05 P.M.
• Energy check, weekly moments, and something we’ve learned recently
4:05 P.M.-4:45 P.M.
• Open discussion
4:45 P.M.-5:00 P.M.
• Closing likes/dislikes

My House
118 Meadow Hill
Converse, TX 78109
United States
(210) 705-9777
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