A practical emotional intelligence book. It can be used professionally or personally, as it teaches new/advanced methods of deep listening to understand the motivation of others. It also describes how to use the knowledge from deep listening to optimally influence and make your counterpart feel as if an agreement is their idea. You’ll likely finish the book with a greater understanding about yourself, and definitely a greater understanding about everyone around you. It’s written with examples in each chapter that demonstrate the principles of each lesson in a real life and compelling way.

If you want to buy it, you can visit eBay for a deal. On Amazon, this book is currently <$20. They also have a YouTube channel that has even more info.

“This profoundly humane book offers a sweeping new understanding of the causes and consequences of trauma, offering hope and clarity to everyone touched by its devastation. Trauma has emerged as one of the great public health challenges of our time, not only because of its well-documented effects on combat veterans and on victims, of accidents and crimes, but because of the hidden toll of sexual and family violence and of communities and schools devastated by abuse, neglect, and addiction.”

It is, at time of writing, $17-$10 on Amazon. Here is the eBay link to the hardcover edition.

This is the most time intensive resource on here, with most videos being over 1½ hours long, and with there being 27 of them (the photo says 28 videos, but the first two are repeats). It also has information that conflicts with the previous resource. Nonetheless, it is an excellent exploration and overview on the why and how of human beings.

And, yes, the playlist is made by someone called hamsterpoop.

This resource is not necessarily a singular one, but rather an ongoing collection produced by a former therapist/current traveler. He often shares stories of his personal life, childhood, and often critiques the mental health system, specifically psychotherapy. Linked is a playlist of his especially pertinent work as an introductory.

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