We continued our reading from The Body Keeps the Score, in which we discussed how the emotional brain is connected to the parts of the brain that physically feel sensations, and when you relieve a strong emotion, that part right above your brain stem is activated as well, and you feel it in things like “You make me sick.” This is to build on our discussion of how emotions and emotional management is actually the foundation and key to controlling your life, even to the point of influencing your health and perception of reality.
We took a brief pause to discuss a point from a previous meeting that had never been touched on, and that was how to use our knowledge and skill set to benefit the group. We reached the great idea that we should use it as an opportunity to create more events for the organization, including things like homesteading, canning, cooking, and yoga.
We ended the meeting by sending Jared and Martha with some soup, and we hope to finish the topic of emotional management by next meeting and resume discussion about other things.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and everyone who makes this community great!

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