This topic was so full of depth and inspired so much discussion, it ended up being the only thing on the agenda that was discussed. I suspect it will take another two meeting to fully cover this.

The discussion was lead with select readings from The Body Keeps the Score that demonstrated and analyzed how the brain works, specifically how the limbic system (the part of the brain that generates and processes emotions) interacts with and influences the entire organism, and the higher level “rational” parts of the brain. The purpose was to show how there is no such thing as rational thought without emotion, and that people can’t actually take control of their lives until they start to recognize and process these emotions, which is striking to say
There were several epiphanies by one member of the group, Bleau, and questioning and expansion by other members, such as Robert, who wondered how one can tell the difference between groups organized around and solely for trauma (subconsciously, of course), and groups that have legitimate grievances with some force in the world? The question will likely be answered in a future meeting.

Everyone hung out afterwards and discuss more personalized interests with one another. Next week, emotional management will be the only thing on the agenda, as we still have yet to cover how this impacts our personal organizational skills, our relationships and influences, and how to actually manage emotional energy (in a way other than how people typically think: suppressing it).

Thank you everyone who attended, and thank you for reading!

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