I discussed how the brain processes self-awareness in a present, body based system, and an autobiographical, language based system spanning across time, and how they need to be reconciled in order to understand yourself and undergo change. Martha then built upon this by describing her history as someone whom she did not want to be, and how she had to understand how to befriend her emotions to use their energies, rather than try to ignore or fight them. Bleau described how he had to relearn the subtleties of how hurtful people are dealing with their own problems, as opposed to them simply being hurtful people.

We continued the previous conversation into this one, and largely built it around the idea of surrounding yourself with good people, how people influence you (including how some people unconsciously want to negatively influence), whom you influence, and a group discussion on how to influence those around you, and how much to invest in people that are a bad influence on you.

After this, we delivered cookies to our community and went to Travis Park to deliver cookies to the homeless. Two pictures of us traversing Travis park can be found below.

Thank you to Robert’s two new friends and all other members that attended!

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