Yes, some of the meetings have been skipped. Regular meeting summaries will resume. Also, breaking from typical fashion, there is no audio recording of this meeting. Recordings may or may not continue to be posted on the summaries.

Members in attendance during this meeting:
Bleau Jackson, Arachelle Betts, Ashton SImmons, Robert Laurence, Seth and Patti Tovar.

Meeting #26 Abstract

Robert shared tea with the group. He will redo it next week, with recording as well, since the presentation was actually covered last and pressed for time.

Topics ranged from trauma and healing. Importance of communication, communicating effectively and talking about traumas in order to heal from them, and learning personal limits.

Ashton was confronted about things he said that needed clarification in regards to Bleau. Ashton was informed about things that were said about him at the previous meeting.

This topic has been pushed off until next week.

The open discussion/group member focus was happening throughout the meeting. There were updates about Arial staying with Seth and Patti. Baking cookies for the hungry, as a holiday celebration was suggested.

Thank you everyone who attended!

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