In attendance was Arachelle Betts, Bleau Jackson, Darren Flores, Patricia Tovar, and Minerva Garcia.

Meeting #16 abstract

Fragments of the intro were covered, as it is still in development. The current material has promise, yet needs better clarification for the beginning story.

This was more glazed over, as it was meant to relate to the difficulty of having members reveal their deeper selves in front of everyone, but was rebutted by the idea that we are meant to start a long term community, which should eventually alleviate people’s fears.

Pending what Ashton says, since the next meeting and his housewarming party occur on the same day, the next meeting may be at his house.

This topic was discussed in more detail during the open discussion section.

During open discussion, there is some discussion about evil. Including mention of problems that people bury down and don’t want to face, as mentioned in the book “The Body Keeps the Score”. Discussion also includes things that are going on with members’ lives.

Thank you everyone who attended!

The recording got split into two. At the end of the first recording my son, Seth, is tapping on the recorder. That might make the listening experience unpleasant. There are baby noises throughout the second audio recording that also make listening difficult.

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