Bleau Jackson, Arachelle Betts, Minerva Garcia, and Patricia Tovar were the members in attendance during this meeting.

Arachelle’s important contributions were covered, which Bleau felt was a rebuttal of the concept Darren put forward in meeting 14, that emotional intelligence can be increased by being around emotionally intelligent people. The discussion centered around her upbringing and how the harshness of it shaped her.

The camping and kayaking trip dates being moved was reviewed, with dissatisfaction being roundly expressed. The dates will probably be further modified in meeting #16, where Ashton will receive his table, if he attends.

We also covered one additional point not laid out in the agenda, which was how to provide more value to members in order to increase attendance. The main takeaway was to continue developing the meeting introduction in order to communicate the mutual benefit, reason for being there, and importance of the organization in the lives of attendees.

The most significant part of the meeting occurred during the open discussion part. Prior to that, I was conducting the meeting poorly. Everyone else was being awesome, though. At that point, I opened the conversation of why my mood was depressed, which was struggles with my wife, Patti, from earlier in the morning. The conversation evolved into our history together, and the numerous ways I had hurt her and the kids, such as smacking Seth, thinking about other women, and lying. Arachelle and Bleau invited us to talk with them outside of the meetings at some point, in order to allow us as the conductors to continue to provide mass healing to whoever attends, without needing to focus on us.

Thank you everyone who attended!

There’s a fair amount of loud noise, such as vacuum cleaners, baby laughs, and pianos, that may hurt the listener’s ears if the audio is turned up too high. There is also a large amount of white noise during quieter parts, distracting from the discussion. My apologies to the listener.

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