The garage sale fundraising for the to-be-planned camping trip and kayaking trip was partially successful, raising $237 dollars out of the estimated $486 needed, putting the two events at 49% funded.

Special thanks to Ashton Simmons, Aleesha Orange, and my mom, Minerva Garcia for their inventory donations! Without them, it wouldn’t be possible, and doubly so, as one contributed fiscally as well. Below is an estimate of how much inventory they provided and how much they purchased from the garage sale.

Ashton: $79
Aleesha: $78.50
Mom: $15 + $10

That’s a total of $159.50 of value provided by the three of them, or 75% of the total amount of money earned! That’s why they’re getting a special thank you.

Wrapping it up, there is a cylinder head with plans on cleaning it up and selling it on eBay, so that should net some additional cash for the two getaways as well.

Thank you to everyone who contributed or supported the sale!

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